easy crock pot chicken & stuffing


This is a dish I’ve made once before.  It is quite easy (as the title indicates) and pretty tasty.  Last time the chicken came out nice and moist, but sadly this time the chicken was dry.  I’m not really sure why it was dry but possibly due to a little bit of frostbite on the chicken.  The stuffing was still quite yummy, though!  You can find the recipe at The Pursuit of Happiness.

*For anyone wondering: I used 98% fat-free soup, and it worked just fine.

*A warning for those who don’t have a salty tooth like I do: this can be kinda salty with the combination of boxed stuffing and canned soup.  A possible way to decrease the saltiness is to make your own dried stuffing mix and/or to use a “heart healthy” soup (I’ve found this to be a better balance of fat and salt ratios than reduced fat soup).


p.s. I totally wasn’t expecting anyone to read, let alone “like”, my first post.  Thanks to the 11 bloggers who “liked” my post!



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