creamy garlic pasta


Tonight for dinner I made creamy garlic pasta to go with sautéed shrimp.  The shrimp, though delicious, is not the point of this post; that pasta is.  I must have not read all of the ingredients when I pinned the recipe to my food board because it wasn’t until I started making this for dinner tonight that I realized how delicious it was going to be.  The name alone contains three of my favorite of ingredients: creamy sauce, garlic, and pasta.  I used to buy Pasta Roni (well, store brand version) all the time, but after realizing how much sodium is in one of those little boxes I stopped buying them.  I’m also trying to cut out processed foods from our diet, and that sadly includes Pasta Roni.  (I’m not going to the extreme of cutting out all processed food but more along the lines of prepackaged, convenience foods such as boxed rice/pasta and canned veggies.) But, now that I’ve discovered this awesome recipe I can have Pasta Roni without the prepackaged part.  Yay!  The only sad part is that my pasta was gummy instead of creamy.  I’m not completely sure why this happened, but I think it’s because I let the liquid cook down too much after the pasta was done before adding in the next ingredients.  Next time I will measure out all of the ingredients before beginning to cook.  The recipe is from “the cheese pusher.” (awesome blog name!)  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!  If you try it let me know; just leave a comment below.


Oh, and I used 2 cups chicken broth, 1 cup water because I didn’t have 3 cups of broth.  Like I said before the flavor was still great.



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