kitchen tip: how not to ruin your dessert


This past Thursday night Russell and I invited a couple from our church over for dinner.  I planned to keep things simple and easy to reduce stress on myself – I’d serve chips and salsa as an appetizer, chicken enchiladas for dinner (a dish that I’ve made several times before), and a green salad as a side. I chose as dessert a recipe that I had not made before but wasn’t complicated. I started cooking early in the afternoon to allow plenty of time to get everything done. I timed the enchiladas to be done just as we were finishing the chips and salsa, and while we were eating dinner I’d put dessert in the oven. The best part was that dinner and dessert both required a 350° oven, so I wouldn’t even have to wait for the temperature to change before swapping them out.  

 So, our guests arrive on time, and we munch on chips and salsa for a few minutes. I offer them a tour of the house, and just as we are heading back to the kitchen the timer dings to signal that the enchiladas are done. I swap out the dessert dish for the dinner pan and reset the timer. Halfway through dinner I hear sizzling coming from the oven and decide to investigate. I turn on the oven light to see a very black dessert. I quickly open the oven and pull it out. It is then that I realize that instead of baking my dessert at a nice 350° I had been broiling it and turning it into charcoal. In stressful situations (company coming over, playing hostess, trying to get dinner done at the right time) my mind sometimes gets very flustered and doesn’t remember important things such as switching the oven back to 
350° after broiling the cheese on top of the enchiladas. So dessert was ruined and I had to throw the whole thing out. The one good thing I can take away from this, though, is that I have been married for 1 year 4 ½ months and this is the first dish that I have just completely ruined, and it wasn’t even the main dish. I’d call that a success!


And now, the evidence:

the top

burned dessert top  I  frozen pizza, again?

the bottom

burned dessert bottom  I frozen pizza, again?


Now I just need to figure out how to remove the burned stuff from the rim and handles of the glass baking pan. Any advice from more experienced cooks would be greatly appreciated!

Oh, and I will post that chicken enchilada recipe soon. It is easy and delicious!
**UPDATE: The chicken enchilada recipe is now posted! You can find it here.**


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  1. Hey, I know that if you use oven cleaner on pans sometimes it will get burned stuff off. Just spray some on(avoid breathing the fumes), and put in oven on warm 10 to 15 minutes. Useable potholder to get casserole dish out. Let cool. Then wash. I think this will work.


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