kitchen tip: how to easily measure out honey


I discovered this tip a few months ago. I probably found it on Pinterest or a blog I read, but I can’t remember which one. It’s super simple and one of those “*smack your forehead* why didn’t I think of that?” ideas.


Here’s what you need:

honey tip  I  frozen pizza, again?appropriate-sized measuring cup, honey, and non-stick cooking spray

Simply spray the inside of your measuring cup first then measure out the right amount of honey. Pour the honey into your recipe and now most of it should pour out of the cup without needing to be scraped. (This would also work for other sticky ingredients, such as molasses, peanut butter, or syrup, or even non-sticky substances, such as ketchup.)


This is all that was left in my measuring cup after I poured out the honey. And this little bit was super easy to scrape out because of the non-stick spray.

honey tip  I  frozen pizza, again?honey tip  I  frozen pizza, again?

Now you can use this tip when you make the Parmesan Pork Roast recipe I posted.






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