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meow monday


Tiger the pick pocket – caught red-pawed!

meow monday  I  frozen pizza, again?


Tiger and Mal consoling each other after having to take a bath.

tiger & mal  I  frozen pizza, again?


Mal helped Russell kill the bad guy.

meow monday  I  frozen pizza, again?


Tiger’s favorite window seat. He likes to rest his head on the sill and watch the birdies (we have a feeder right outside the window).

meow monday  I  frozen pizza, again?




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a dance recital and a kitty


The last few weeks have been busy with my dance recital (the first in 10 years), a visit from family, my birthday, a funeral, and other church stuff. My absence from the blog was unplanned, and I’m glad to finally be back!

dance recital  I  frozen pizza, again?

Our dance was titled “Learning to Fly,” and our music was from the Broadway musical Peter Pan.

I’ve been wanting to share with y’all something exciting that has happened in our family, but the busyness of the last few weeks has prevented me from posting about it… Our little family grew! No, it’s not what you are thinking; we got a playmate for Tiger, a Bengal kitten that is 11 weeks old today! He is the same breed as our first cat, Leonidas.

If you have never heard of the Bengal cat, “[it] is a hybrid breed of domestic cat [that results] from crossing a domestic feline with an Asian Leopard Cat,” which is a small wild cat native to Southeast Asia.1 It was developed as a “breed of domestic cat with the loving nature of a favored fireside tabby and the striking look associated with Leopards, Ocelots and Jaguars.”2 Not all Bengals look the same – they can have rosettes, spots, or marbling; they can be brown, black, cream, gold, silver, and gray/blue – but they do all have one thing in common, an active and playful personality.

We have had our new kitty for about 3 weeks, and he and Tiger are starting to get along better. The first few days Tiger was very unhappy about this new kitty in his house and wouldn’t have anything to do with it. Eventually he got used to the little guy being here and started to play with him (well, the kitten would follow Tiger everywhere and chase him down to play). But several times he literally begged us to lock him in our bedroom so he could take a nap in peace. Now that the kitten has been here for a while, Tiger has realized he’s not going away and sometimes seems to actually enjoy having a playmate.


So, without further ado, I introduce to you our new kitten, Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Mal). *10 cool/nerd points to anyone who can tell me where the name comes from
*10 more to anyone who can tell me why we gave him this name

captain malcolm reynolds  I  frozen pizza, again?


See how tiny he is compared to the slippers! This picture was taken at 8 weeks old on the day we brought him home.
captain malcolm reynolds  I  frozen pizza, again?


Mal really likes to scamper. This is when he was feeling particularly “scampery.”
captain malcolm reynolds  I  frozen pizza, again?captain malcolm reynolds  I  frozen pizza, again?


We figured out pretty quickly that he likes to be the center of attention. The first couple of days after we brought him home he would often run up to one of us while we were sitting at our desks and try to climb our legs . When we would reach down to pick him up he’d scamper away. As soon as we turned back to our computers he would return, trying to get our attention again.
captain malcolm reynolds  I  frozen pizza, again?


Mal claimed the cat carrier as his own personal kitty fort. Tiger was very jealous.
captain malcolm reynolds  I  frozen pizza, again?


Meeting Tiger – 11 chunks vs. 2.3 lbs.
tiger & captain malcolm reynolds  I  frozen pizza, again?

1 Wikipedia
2 The International Cat Association (TICA)


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tiger tuesday


Tiger playing with a mouse on a string. (All 4 of his paws are off the floor.)
tiger tuesday  I  frozen pizza, again?


If I can’t see you, you can’t see me.
tiger tuesday  I  frozen pizza, again?


Tiger helped us fold the sheets. He did this by jumping off the bed into the middle of the sheet while we were holding it up between us. Thankfully we didn’t drop his chunkiness (he is ten whole chunks, ya know).
tiger tuesday  I  frozen pizza, again?




tiger tuesday


Today is a special edition of Tiger Tuesday! It contains a video and TWO cute kitties!

First up – Tiger made a new friend the other weekend when Russell and I kept a church member’s kitten while she was out of town. Meet Buzz, as in Lightyear.
buzz  I  frozen pizza, again?

Russell and I coined the term “Buzzed” during his short stay with us. He liked to run by one of us, grab our leg with his paws, and then keep on going. Our response was “Woah! I’ve been Buzzed!”

Tiger wasn’t sure about a new kitty in his house.
tiger & buzz  I  frozen pizza, again?

And he definitely wanted Buzz to know who was boss. (Don’t worry. Even though Buzz is half Tiger’s size, he held his own just fine the many times they wrestled.)
tiger & buzz  I  frozen pizza, again?


Next up – Tiger the Bulldozer vs. the tissue box tower. Click here to see the video. (I apologize for the poor quality.)

At the end of the video I ask Tiger if he is proud of himself. The answer to that question is “Yes! Tiger LOVES to bulldoze!”




a country experience for the city folk


Russell and I had a “this only happens in the country” experience this past weekend: we attended a livestock show and banquet. We were invited by a couple from our church whose granddaughters are part of the local 4H program. We weren’t really sure what to expect but we went anyway to support the girls. I was actually pretty excited, though, because going to livestock shows isn’t something we city folk do.

One of the granddaughters showing her pig.
(Sadly this was the least blurry picture we were able to get of her.)
livi  I frozen pizza, again?

The banquet was held Friday night in the gym of a local private school. It was much less showy than I expected, but there were pretty cowboy boot-wearing princesses and a queen. The queen received a $250 scholarship from a local Ag company. (Russell and I joked that the scholarship might buy one math book – college textbooks are so dadgum expensive!) I didn’t take any pictures because there wasn’t much to photograph and the lighting wasn’t very good. We also learned that the eldest granddaughter of our church members was the 2012 Livestock Show Queen.

This is her showing her pig.
2012 queen  I  frozen pizza, again?


**Note: I know most of the pictures are blurry to some degree, but again the lighting wasn’t very good and the animals moved around too much.**

The livestock show started at 9:30 the next morning. I figured it would probably take up most of the morning, but I didn’t realize it would take up the whole morning and part of the afternoon. We left a little after 12 to go eat lunch and they had just started showing the pigs, which were last on the schedule. This time I took a lot of pictures (60 actually) and my camera battery threatened to die on me towards the end. The show wasn’t quite as action-packed as I was hoping, but I did learn a whole lot about lambs, goats and pigs. 

We didn’t really understand what was going on at first because, even though there was an announcer, he couldn’t easily be heard over the animal noises. Eventually we realized that there was a program and that helped us follow along better. We figured out that we had just watched the showmanship competition where the kids get judged on how well they show and control their project/animal. The senior class went first (ages 14-18), then junior class (ages 8-13), then pee wee (under 8). We were told that the real competition doesn’t start until age 8; those who participate in pee wee are just getting practice.  

Aren’t they cute? (click pictures to enlarge)

 pee wee lambs
peewee lambs1  I  frozen pizza, again?peewee lambs2  I  frozen pizza, again?

 pee wee goats
peewee goats  I  frozen pizza, again?peewee goats2  I  frozen pizza, again?

Then we figured out that the second part of the show is when the animals are judged on how marketable they are. The judge looked at their shape and size and chose which is the most attractive. I think that this part is to help potential buyers decide which one to buy.

During the showmanship part each participant only shows one animal, but during the market part participants could show multiple animals per category. There were 6 categories of lambs, 2 of goats, and 6 of pigs. We couldn’t tell the difference among most of the breeds of lambs because they looked the same to our untrained eyes. The goats were only separated into lightweight versus heavyweight. The pigs, however, were much easier to distinguish because their markings were very distinct.

The best of each breed of lamb getting judged for “best in show.” 
(click picture to enlarge)
all lamb breeds  I  frozen pizza, again?

Even though this picture is blurry you can still easily see the distinct markings of the 3 pigs.
pig categories  I  frozen pizza, again?

We also learned that lambs, goats, and pigs are all handled in different ways. The lambs were easily led around by their handler. The goats required a harness around their head because they are stubborn. The pigs were guided by long poles (sort of like a riding crop). Oh, and we discovered that pigs defecate a lot. And by a lot I mean A LOT. And they don’t even stop or go off into a corner to do it; it just comes out as they are walking. (Kinda gross if you ask me, so I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t grow up on a farm. Of course, if I had grown up on a farm then I probably wouldn’t be grossed out by pig poo.)

lamb handling
lamb handling  I  frozen pizza, again?

goat handling
goat handling  I  frozen pizza, again?

pig handling (they were the only ones to use the pens)
pigs in pens  I  frozen pizza, again?

So even though it wasn’t quite what I had expected it was still a pretty interesting experience and definitely educational!