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organizing a desk


Today I wanted to share with you a project I did a few months ago that I just kept forgetting to write about: I decided to finally do something about my messy desk. It’s the only thing in my house I can’t seem to keep organized, and it drives me CRAZY!

Russell’s side of the desk was designed as a computer desk and has a built-in shelf above his monitor. My side of the desk was designed as a craft desk, with no built-in shelf, and a computer was added later. My desk was sorely in need of organization but with no real solutions – not really possible to add a built-in shelf and couldn’t find a good desk organizer for a good price.

desk organization  I  frozen pizza, again?

This is when we were building the desk (November 2011). Russell’s side is on the left, mine is on the right.

Well, back in March I discovered any easy solution that didn’t involve much work or spending any money: a small shelving unit that I had brought home from my parents’ place over Christmas break. I had intended to use it as an extra bookshelf in our home office, but it didn’t fit next to the bookshelf we already had.

I also added a few plastic organizers – drawers for pens, desk supplies, etc; desk tray for random papers; and a letter sorter. All of these I items I already owned or borrowed from Russell’s office at the church (he wasn’t using them, so I did).



desk organization  I  frozen pizza, again?

desk organization  I  frozen pizza, again?



desk organization  I  frozen pizza, again?

desk organization  I  frozen pizza, again?

If you are curious why there are a bunch of tissue boxes lined up against the wall, it is because a certain little kitty named Malcolm used to chew on the ethernet cord.

This shelf has already been recycled many times. It started out as an end piece for my college apartment’s kitchen bar. When I moved out of that apartment my brother used it as a bookshelf next to his desk. Now it holds all the items that would otherwise be piled up on my desk.

I love finding easy solutions like this that don’t require spending any money!